Can't login to Public WiFi Here's how to fix it

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Several times I found the same thread about how to login on public WiFi. This happens when we login to public WiFi with a WiFi login portal, such as in cafes, hotels, and other public areas. when we try to connect then the login page appears but an error. With the caption "The Webpage at could not be loaded because : net:: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED". There are also those who suggest copying the error web address in the browser, but I tried, I still can't log in either.

It was also discussed in several cellphone groups, to overcome the solution. Starting from downloading apk from MIUI China ROM, other Regional ROMs and downgrading the application version, but it didn't work either. I'm also confused about how this error can occur, it looks like this is a bug. To work around this, try the following steps:

• Go to Settings
• Select Connection & sharing
• Select Reset WLAN, Mobile Network, and      Bluetooth
• Click Reset Settings 
But keep in mind, later all the WiFi lists that are connected to our cellphone will be lost and other settings related to the network. So it's best to back it up first if it's important. After that try logging in again with the public WiFi earlier, of course you will be able to log in smoothly.

In this way the problem of not being able to log in on public WiFi can be resolved forever but later the error will occur again. So as I said above, this looks like a bug. If you experience an error again, we just need to repeat the above method. Remember to always be on guard when using public WiFi!

Come on, who often uses WiFi at the warkop, but only buys 1 coffee and keeps hanging out for hours? There must be someone who likes to go to jail if you use public WiFi, try to share your jail experience when you hang out at warkop or other public WiFi spots. Also share if anyone has a solution for the wifi login error but in a different way!

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