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Before submitting the masterpiece, let's first see how to fix it with MIUI's built-in editing tools. If used properly, editing can turn even the most mundane photos into masterpieces with a few simple corrections.

There are many editing tools that we can use to edit our images, but some applications have very advanced functions that require more knowledge to operate properly. We don't have to worry about image editing because the default MIUI Gallery app has many image editing tools that make the image look like a professional shot. MIUI default features have the best editing tools to make our photos more attractive. There are several options such as Sharpen, Beauty, Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Highlights, Crop, Focus, Vignette, Landscape, Portrait, Filters, Sticker, Doodle, Text, Adjustment, Frame, Mosaic, Erase, Saturation, etc.

Here is an image editing tool from the MIUI gallery app that will make your images look more professional.

The number of exposures makes the photo appear light or dark. we can adjust the exposure by using the exposure slider in the MIUI gallery app to increase the brightness of the image and keep in mind that more brightness will cause noise in the image.

Contrast is the range of dark to light tones in an image. we can set image contrast to maximum and minimum using contrast slider in edit options of MIUI gallery app.

Warmth and Tint
White balance relates to the overall color tone of the image. we can adjust the white balance on the image by using the warmth and tint sliders in the edit options of the MIUI gallery app.

Vibrance and Saturation
Vibrancy increases color intensity in neutral color tones while saturation amplifies all colors in a photo. saturation and brightness slider in edit options on MIUI Gallery app can enhance color in image

Cropping the image makes it possible to improve the framing and keep all the elements the way we want. MIUI Gallery app has different aspect ratio, for example: Original, Square, 4:3, etc. From these aspect ratios, we can choose any one to crop the image to our liking.

Vignette is an effect used to emphasize the center of a subject by darkening or illuminating the edges of the image. In the MIUI gallery, we can use the vignette slider to get the desired darkening or shadow effect on the image.

Filters provide lighting effects and classic effects when applied to images. In the MIUI Gallery application, there are various types of filters such as Classic, Portrait, Movie, Food, Travel, Night, Lilt, Black and white, fresh filters. We can apply it to our image to create a unique look.

Hope you all like MIUI's built-in editing tools!
Which editing tool do you use the most?
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