Poco wants to present a successor to the Pocophone F1 - MIUI Lovers

Poco has launched smartphones throughout 2020. Most of the smartphones they launch have flagship specifications but are priced at very affordable prices, thus making the Poco name quickly famous.

One of the devices that made their name famous is the Pocophone F1. This smartphone is a hit because the price-to-value of this smartphone is very good.

Recently, there was news saying that Poco will make a reborn version of the Pocophone F1. This time, the company will call it the Pocophone F2.

Engadget (4/1) reports that Poco will repeat the strategy in Pocophone F1. The Pocophone F2 will offer flagship-level performance, but at a very attractive price.

This is because some reports say that some of Poco's new devices have a fairly high price. The Poco F2 Pro, for example, has a price of around IDR 5 million, and the Pocophone F1 when it was first launched only IDR 3 million.

And for the specifications that will be carried out by the Pocophone F2, it uses the Snapdragon 732G SoC, like the one present in the Poco X3. In addition, this smartphone will have 4 rear cameras, a 4,250mAh battery, and a 120Hz screen.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no official notification from Poco or Xiaomi regarding the presence of these devices.

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