Record Android Screen With Internal And External Sound

want to record android screen activity? or want to share moments when we play games!
Do you want to be a content creator on YouTube, so you can make money, now is the time to look for hobbies that can make money.

Actually, there are many android screen recorder applications that have been scattered in our favorite playstore, ranging from DU recorder, Mobizen, AZ recorder etc.

Each application itself has its own advantages and disadvantages. Starting from the "Pause" feature when you think you're recording the screen, you can enter a custom watermark, or add a facecam and Android's own internal sound.

However, on the latest Android release, now the internal voice recorder feature on Android smartphones has been turned off by Google.

The admin himself doesn't know the cause, the information circulating is because there is a lot of abuse for video/film piracy, some developers also still provide an internal sound recording feature, for example Samsung and LG themselves still provide it.

The first way: Xiaomi Default Screen Recorder Application

On this occasion, the tutor wants to share a little trick so that our Xiaomi smartphone can record internal sound using the default recording application on your cellphone. No need to download applications from third parties anymore

We only need to download a few files.

The initial look at the audio source screen recorder only provides mute and mic sound. Internal sound is not available. can't record audio on our cellphone.
Before we proceed to the method, we must first make sure what version of the default recording application on your cellphone, here is the default admin application version 1.4.1.
You can check the version of the screen recorder app in Settings > Installed Apps > then look for the default screen recorder application on your xiaomi cellphone.

If you have, you can visit apkmirror or it can be HERE. < Recorder application version 1.4.4.

If you have downloaded just install the application as usual.

After the installation process we try to enter our default screen recorder application, and finally the internal sound is available. This method has been tested by the admin on redmi 4x and pocophone phones, for other series, please try it yourself!!
The drawback of the Xiaomi default screen recorder application is that the size is only a matter of the size of the file which is quite large, or maybe the admin hasn't found the right setting, and the problem of external sound (mic sound) cannot be recorded.
if you have tried it, you can comment below how this application works.

Second Way: Using the DU Recorder Application, this time we are required to download a new application on our cellphone. The use of this application is more or less the same as other screen recorder applications.

You can start setting by clicking the gear button in the upper right corner
you can start setting from screen resolution, Fps (Framerate Per Second), Video Quality (Bitrate), Record audio.

Screen recorder setting function:

Video Resolution: the higher the video resolution, the better the recording

Fps: the bigger the fps, the softer the image movement, the admin recommends at least 30fps.

Bitrate: The bigger the bitrate, the better, but the larger the recorded file, I suggest. at least we use a bitrate at 5 or 6Mbps.

Now in this audio section which is the drawback of this application, you cannot record internal sound cleanly, and you are required to use a headset that has a mic.

If you use a headset that doesn't have a mic you can't record internal sound.

The positive side or the plus side is that you can record your Android phone screen with your voice without having to use an additional mic again, so there's no need to be complicated if you want to be a gaming YouTuber.

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