Turn MI Band 5 into a Camera Remote

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I will give tips to make Mi Band 5 as Remote camera. When we try the remote camera feature on the Mi Band 5 it will display a text for settings in the Mi Fit application. Here we have to set up first so that Mi Band 5 can be a remote camera.

For setting it we have to connect Mi Band 5 with our Smartphone. How to connect and remote camera settings as follows:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of our smartphone.
  • Open the Mi Fit app
  • Select Profile
  • then select Mi Band 5
  • and select "LAB"
  • Click Camera Settings
  • Perform the pairing process by clicking "Bluetooth Pairing"
  • Wait until the pairing process is successful
        • then see Mi Band 5, click the tick icon icon

          • Mi Band 5 is already a Camera Remote

Mi Band 5 has been successfully set to Remote camera, anytime you can use Mi Band 5 as a remote camera. This Mi Band 5 can be a remote camera in the camera application other than the default camera application, I have tried it in camera applications such as Camera FX and Gcam.

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