4 Characteristics of Hacked Instagram Accounts, One of them Can't Login

MIFANS.XYZ - Instagram is one of the social media (medsos) that has many users. This many users sometimes attract hackers to steal data.

Hackers have many ways to steal data. With various modes, the ignorant hands of hackers can make your Instagram account disappear in an instant.

Before you completely lose access to your Instagram account, you need to be aware of this. There are a number of characteristics that need to be recognized when an Instagram account is hacked as summarized, Saturday (10/7/2021)

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1. Can't log-in

Not being able to log in to your Instagram account could be evidence that someone changed your password or registered email to break into Instagram. This is also proof of your Instagram account being hijacked by irresponsible people.

2. Post weird stuff

If suddenly your account posts weird things on Instagram but you feel like you've never done it, it means that your account has been hijacked by irresponsible parties.

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3. Notifications from Instagram

If there is unusual activity from your account, Instagram usually alerts users via email.

4. There are data that have changed

If the Instagram account is hacked, there is only the data that is changed by the perpetrator. For example profile photos, bio on Instagram and others.

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