Apple wants to make temperature measurement on mobile

MIFANS.XYZ - Apple, based on a patent they registered in the United States, is developing a device for measuring body temperature via mobile phones.

The Phone Arena page, quoted on Saturday, found a patent entitled "Camera attachment and image data processing for temperature measurement", an embedded camera and image data processing for temperature measurement, in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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In the patent, it is explained that Apple uses a camera that can estimate body temperature based on the image it sees.

The camera is a separate device, once attached to the iPhone, the phone will become a temperature gauge.

These additional cameras will be passive, or require no power.

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This temperature measuring camera will be equipped with a frame so that it can be paired with iPhone cameras and temperature reactive material (TRM) temperature measurement technology.

"The frame is configured to place the TRM within the camera's field of view so that the image captured by the camera includes a portion of the TRM," the patent explains.

The tech giant has previously offered a number of health features such as measuring heart rate, stress, sleep hours and blood oxygen saturation on Apple Watch smartwatches.

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