Cassion's Innovation Competes in the Gadget Accessories Segment

MIFANS.XYZ - Cassion is one of the local products that competes in the gadget accessories segment. They provide customization of gadget accessories with UV printing technology.

However, aware of the intense competition, strategy and innovation are needed. One of them is by issuing a catalog with the theme of Eid which will fall on Thursday, May 13, 2021 tomorrow.

"We from Cassion Store invite all to be proud of local products, according to President Jokowi's message to support locally made products," said Albert as the founder in his statement, Wednesday 12 May 2021.

Currently, they issue various types of products with UV printing technology. Starting from smartphone cases, airpods cases, and other gadget accessories.

Combined with the creativity of reliable local designers, this UV printing technology can be very powerful. With this technology, Cassion has published more than 1,000 catalogs for various products.

Another innovation from Cassion is the premium hybrid crystal case. A modern cellphone case with a strong material, but still light so that it can protect the cellphone from scratches or impacts.

Albert, said this case is different from other materials, this one case is made of two materials combined.

The back is made of clear hard acrylic material that is resistant to scratches and impacts, and the sides are made of TPU soft rubber or thick softcase material except for the buttons and cellphone holes to keep the buttons easy to press

"Another difference is that this case is also equipped with bazel screen protection and raized bazel, which is a small frame on the camera and the surface of the case is in a higher position to protect the phone screen and keep the camera raised from a flat surface.

Then there is also an air cushion located at the 4 corners of the case, which serves to resist collisions when the phone falls," Albert explained.

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