Computer Technology Graduates Become Targets in the Era of Society 5.0

MIFANS.XYZ - The era of society 5.0 is in sight. This era requires a lot of human resources from graduates of the Computer Technology Study Program. To answer this need, at the University of BSI (Bina Sarana Informatika) there is already a Computer Technology study program.

“Society 5.0 is an era where all technology is part of humans themselves. The internet is not only for information but for living life,” said the Head of the Computer Technology Study Program at BSI University, Rahmat Adi Purnama, Monday (17/5).

Rahmat explained, in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) or artificial intelligence is the main component in making changes in the future. While Society 5.0 uses modern technology, it only relies on humans as its main component.

“Computer technology is a discipline that is embodied for science and technology in terms of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance. Both software and hardware components of modern computing systems as well as all equipment controlled by computers," he said.

According to him, the current technological growth is very rapid. It also encourages the development of the industrial revolution 4.0 towards the era of society 5.0 which desperately needs someone who can design, build, implement and maintain software, hardware, and computer networks (network). All of that can be studied in the Computer Technology Study Program at BSI University.

He explained that BSI University's Computer Technology study program is the result of a combination of integrated communication science between electrical engineering and computer science.

"In the Computer Technology Study Program at BSI University, students will learn how to design and build a 'brain' from a computer or other electronic device that can be used to control the running of the system," he said.

He said the career prospects of Computer Technology graduates are very broad and interesting. "Computer Technology Study Program graduates can work as software engineers, IT consultants, computer network architects, hardware engineers, game developers, and computer architects," he said.

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