Do not be fooled! This is how to tell the difference between a genuine and fake oximeter

MIFANS.XYZ - With the emergence of a new wave of Covid, now the oximeter is being hunted again.

Doctors recommend that everyone check their oxygen levels regularly, considering that during the pandemic, there are many problems with oxygen deficiency, and many patients need oxygen assistance.

Oximeter is a digital gadget, which has a panel reader. The type of oximeter that is often used and easy to use at home is the type that is used by pinching the fingers.

When the index finger is inserted into the gadget and the oximeter is turned on, the user can read the pulse and oxygen level information.

A person with an oxygen level of 95% can still be said to be normal, although the category of healthy individuals without disease shows between 98% to 100%. However, if it continues to be below 94%, then you can ask the doctor or medical doctor, especially if it is below 90%.

With the increasing demand for people who buy oximeters, of course sometimes fake oximeters are circulating. This is important for buyers, so as not to cause misunderstandings.

There are a few simple tests to find out how to tell the difference between a genuine and fake oximeter. The ways are as follows.

First, enter your finished and turn on the oximeter. If the reader panel shows a graph of increasing and decreasing pulse rate below the Oxygen level reading which is displayed as SPO2, then the gadget is genuine.

But if the oximeter only shows an oxygen reading without a pulse chart underneath, it's probably a fake.

Another test you can do is to insert your finger into the oximeter, then tie a piece of string around the base of your index finger slightly, so that blood flow to the finger slows down. If the results of the oximeter are less then the oximeter is genuine. Meanwhile, if not, then the possibility of the product is fake.

But you need to know, the oximeter takes time to stabilize. So to ensure the results, you should do three tries. Maybe on the first try, you just get a reading without the pulse graph, but on the 2nd or 3rd try you might get a pulse graph.

Apart from experimenting, you can also tell the difference between a genuine and fake oximeter by checking the certification. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the oximeter. Some of the reliable certifications are FDA, RoHS and CE.

In addition to buyers, sellers also need to make sure to sell genuine oximeter items to customers, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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