Facebook Messenger Introduces Sound Emoji through Sound Emoji

MIFANS.XYZ - Facebook officially introduced a new feature via Messenger called Soundmoji.

This feature allows users to communicate in more ways.

Launching Phone Arena, Sunday (18/7/2021), Soundmoji is an emoji that can make sounds such as clapping, crickets, laughing, and drumming.

So far Facebook Messenger features 27 soundmojis. It is possible that this social media will bring more voice emojis.

Here's how to access Soundmoji on Facebook Messenger:

1. Open Messenger and
     start chat
2. Select the expression menu that
     is under the chat
3. Select the loudspeaker icon
4. Select and send soundmoji

Currently, soundmoji can be accessed on Messenger version 321.

If you don't get the Soundmoji feature, then immediately update to the latest version of the application.

In addition to soundmoji, Facebook has also released new features such as Exclusive Friends on Instagram and multi-device support on WhatsApp.

The company is also currently integrating its two social media, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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