Google Redesigns Emoji to Be More Universal and Authentic

MIFANS.XYZ - Google changed the design of its 992 emoji. This is done to make the emojis more universal, accessible, and authentic.

The company said the new emoji design is expected to be released to the public along with the arrival of Android 12 in the fall of 2021.

Google says the new-designed emoji will also be available on older versions of Android, with the app using the Appcombat compatibility layer. The new emoji designs are also coming to other Google platforms, such as Gmail, Chrome OS, Google Chat, and YouTube Live Chat this month.

Citing The Verge, Sunday (18/7/2021), there are no drastic changes from the new emoji design. However, most of it is trying to make the meaning of emoji easier to understand at one glance and by more people.

The “pie” emoji, for example, currently looks like American pumpkin pie. But in the UK, the emoji looks more like a piece of tart than a traditional cake. Well, the new emoji design is now made more universal.

In other cases, Google gives the design a bolder and bolder look. For some people, this is very helpful considering it looks small on the smartphone screen. For example, the "croissant" and "bacon" emojis will now shine even more.

Scissors to Car Emoji

While the "scissors" emoji have sharp edges that are more overdone. In addition, emojis such as "car" or "taxi" are also proportioned to make them more eye-catching.

Also, the "bikini" emoji no longer looks like it's being worn by a transparent person. The "face mask" emoji now shows a face with open eyes.

Google made the changes to reflect the fact that "masks are now a universal way to show kindness to others, rather than as a symbol of someone who is sick."

The Verge said it was not uncommon for companies to redesign their emoji. The goal can be to correct inaccuracies or reflect changing cultural assumptions about how they are used.

Has Also Changed Emoji Design

Apple last year made a similar change to the "mask" emoji, showing a smiling face behind a mask. Apple has also changed the "syringe" emoji to better match the vaccine symbol.

In 2019, Apple also updated the "abacus" emoji after a number of users pointed out that there was a problem with the old design.

Google also redesigned the "burger" and "beer" emoji in response to protests in 2017.

For your information, July 17 is celebrated as World Emoji Day. Still in the moment, Facebook recently announced a new emoji with sound for its Messenger service.

Microsoft is also getting into the action with a series of new 3D emojis in Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other services.

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