Microsoft Gives Tens Of Millions To Employees For Working Hard During The Pandemic -

MIFANS.XYZ - The technology giant Microsoft recently gave bonus money to its employees due to the corona virus pandemic that hit. Called money amounting to US $ 1,500 given to employees and announced through an internal memo received by the employee.

The Rp21 million bonus was given as a form of Microsoft's gratitude to all of its employees who have worked hard during the pandemic and successfully completed many difficult challenges.

Chief People Officer of Microsoft, Kathleen Hogan said if the bonus will be given to all Microsoft employees, not only in the US but in other countries.

If calculated, currently Microsoft itself has about 175 thousand employees worldwide. But especially for employees at Microsoft subsidiaries such as GitHub, LinkedIn, to Bethesda, they will not get this bonus at all.

Indeed, during a pandemic like this, Microsoft has benefited in large numbers. Both from the sale of devices with the Windows operating system to the Microsoft Teams service which is now widely used for communication.

Not only giving bonuses to its employees, it is known that Microsoft also made a donation of US $ 98 million to non-profit institutions in Washington at the beginning of the pandemic and has reportedly added more starting in June 2021.

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