Microsoft helps reduce carbon emissions through cloud services

MIFANS.XYZIn addition to showcasing Windows 365 with its Cloud advantages, which allow users to experience the Windows operating system on a variety of devices in an integrated manner, Microsoft has also just announced another new cloud service. At the Microsoft Inspire 2021 event, the company introduced its Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability service. This service was actually announced last February to Microsoft customers and partners as a foundation for further innovation.

On this occasion, the company announced a new cloud service offering that will address the priority list of customer concerns. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is designed to help companies measure, understand, and take responsibility for the carbon emissions they produce. In addition, this service can also set sustainability goals and take measurable actions from the company's production activities.

This new cloud service from Microsoft is presented against a backdrop where the world urgently needs to reduce carbon consumption. Excess carbon consumption will reduce the function of the environment. Meanwhile, the sustainability of the function of the environment is considered very important to support the success of a company's business.

To be able to maintain the sustainability of environmental functions, companies must be able to record their activities that have an impact on the environment, report to stakeholders, and reduce the use of resources that can produce excess carbon. Based on this need, Microsoft is committed to supporting the efforts of its customers by delivering the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

So with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, it will allow companies to track their carbon emissions through the cloud. Then the tracking results will be reported into a single view, along with data on other emission sources (including emissions from energy purchased by the company). Once the data is collected, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability will provide a scorecard for the efforts a company has made to reduce their carbon emissions.

With reporting created in the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, it will be easy for companies to determine which emission areas need to be replaced and reduced to support the sustainability of environmental functions. In simple terms, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enables any organization to more easily and effectively record, report, reduce, and make recommendations to replace emissions.

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