OPPO Re-Activate Device Shuttle Service Program

MIFANS.XYZOPPO has reactivated the device shuttle program to support the emergency PPKM program carried out by the Indonesian government. This program is a regular service development program that has previously been run by OPPO since 2016.

"In response to the situation, OPPO strongly supports the government in implementing emergency PPKM. Therefore, we are re-activating the shuttle service program for damaged devices as a development of the pick up & delivery service program," said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

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Aryo added that the pick up & delivery service program itself was introduced in September 2016. What distinguishes it from the previous program is that this device pick-up program has easy access from the call center, the OPPO Indonesia website, as well as on the My OPPO application and is valid throughout Indonesia.

In a situation like this, OPPO prioritizes service to consumers, considering that several after-sales services located inside the Mall in the PPKM area are closed to comply with applicable regulations. For this reason, OPPO has reactivated a program that has become a regular service since 2016.

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This service can be easily accessed by consumers who go through the call center at (021) 2907 6776 or go to the bit.ly/antarpickOPPO link and through the My OPPO application which is already installed on OPPO smartphone devices.

Users will only need to fill in the personal data that is included with the phone number. After that, the user will be given a delivery receipt number and just wait for confirmation from the expedition. Later, the device will be picked up by the expedition to be delivered to the after-sales service.

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From there, the OPPO customer service representative will ask for complaints and confirm to consumers if there is a replacement of spare parts or corrective action will be taken. After the repair is complete, the device will be delivered again by the expedition to the consumer's house.

OPPO is free of charge to enjoy this service. To make it easier to check for device damage, consumers should send the device in a complete condition including accessories such as adapters and data cables along with boxes to the after-sales center.

"One thing that consumers must pay attention to and this is certainly very interesting, that this service can be used for all types of damage and applies to all types of OPPO devices that have an official warranty." close Arya.

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