Twitter Users Can Set Who Can Reply to Tweets

MIFANS.XYZ - Over the past year Twitter has introduced several changes that make it easier for users to reply to tweets and manage who tweets them.
Now Twitter has added a new feature that gives users the ability to ensure that the replies to tweets are clean and friendly.

Reported by MIFANS.XYZ from Engadget, Wednesday (14/7/2021) Twitter allows users to change who can reply to a tweet even after the user has uploaded it. To do this, users just need to tap on the ellipsis button in the upper right corner of your post and select the option "Change who can reply."

In August last year, Twitter released the reply-limiting feature from the experimental phase and gave all users access to it.

The launch gives users the ability to choose who can reply to a tweet with a choice of everyone, people you follow, or people you mention - before the user sends the tweet. This addition gives users more control over the discussion that takes place in the replies section of posted tweets.

The new feature is likely part of Twitter's efforts to improve the health of public conversations, which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey previously said was his company's sole goal.

the ability to choose who can reply to a tweet has been controversial among some users, but it can also limit the toxic behavior that is common on Twitter.

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